What  is  Authmen?

Authmen is a trusted blockchain storage protocol which is based on the distributed idea of blockchain. It mainly solves the problems of data storage and data flow. More concretely, it aims to provide distributed trust feature of the underlying blockchain technology, high availability, openness and transparency, tamper proof, security and privacy-preserving kinds of technical characteristics building a tamper-proof and a traceability system.

Authmen’s characteristics

Authmen’s characteristics

  • M

    More Efficient and Secure Storage

  • R

    Real Tamper Proof Technology

  • W

    Wider Application Scenarios

  • T

    Trusted Storage Node

Advantages of Authmen

Advantages of Authmen

  • Transparency

    The storage mechanism is open and transparent.

  • Fairness

    The workload and reward calculation of work nodes are protected by TEE, and the nodes need not worry that their workload will not be rewarded, and they can not get extra rewards through cheating.

  • Efficiency

    The proof of storage capacity does not require the challenge of large amount of redundancy, nor does it need to store any meaningless data. Both computing and storage resources can be efficiently utilized.

  • Expansibility

    TEE supports complete computing, and has the potential of continuous development. Authmen ecosystem can achieve more powerful functions to ensure the development of evolution from storage consensus to computing consensus.

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Technology Framework

Technology Framework

  • The trusted network

    The trusted network constructed by Levitom layer of Trias maintains a unique white list for each storage node, which can prevent the loading of abnormal programs and effectively block network security attacks. At the same time, HCGgraph is a trusted computing technology based on heterogeneous TEE. With the help of Gossip protocol, a "trusted acquaintance" network is constructed between consensus nodes using different TEE technologies, and a "conspiracy default" model of global nodes is constructed to locate trusted nodes efficiently, which makes consensus more efficient and cost-effective.

  • TEE

    At the same time, the TEE technology of Trias does not rely on a single category of hardware, so it has stronger compatibility. The use of TEE technology can verify and protect the whole life cycle of the computer running environment on the basis of the - 1 layer of the hardware root. At the same time, under the TEE security defense model of Trias, it becomes a new incentive oriented security model, which allows the defender to actively contribute the defense nodes and computing power of TEE, and get the corresponding advantage economic stimulation according to the defense contribution provided in the Trias security network. Through the trusted computing of Trias, multi-party, remote and heterogeneous data storage, sharing and computing can be realized under the premise of maintaining data ownership and privacy.

  • ZK-snarks

    In addition, the data of trusted hardware and program based on Trias can ensure that the information or data will not be disclosed in the trusted program, and ZK-snarks are used to ensure the privacy of the data.

  • Trusted Computing

    Through trusted computing, Authmen enables different tee protocols to collect the latest status of neighboring nodes, check and record historical information, and propagate the results among other nodes through gossip protocol, and form a reputation network. It repeatedly selects "the most difficult point to lie" as its repeated function contract presentation, forming a robust and efficient running environment, and building a trusted computing based environment Based on the blockchain distributed storage security network.